The Salon

Our highly trained staff provides superior quality grooming services for our four legged clientele. We aim to maintain a positive and calming environment for every pet that steps through our door. At The Salon, we use only top-of-the-line premium products, including the option for all natural shampoos, and conditioners made from organic ingredients.

All grooming and bathing services are priced based on the size, coat type, and type of services provided.  Prices are subject to change until we are able to see the pet in person. All grooms include nails, ear cleaning, brush out, and anal glands expression (upon request).

In order to maintain the highest level of health, we require current DHLPP, Rabies, Bordetella vaccination records for all guests.

Add-On Services

Blueberry Facial

Our blueberry and fresh vanilla facial is a special treatment to clean and refresh your pets face. Its natural exfoliating activity helps to remove unsightly tear stains and stains around the mouth. This treatment leaves your pet's face looking radiant and leaves behind a great blueberry scent.

DeShed Treatment

This multi-step process starts with a good wash and deep conditioning treatment to help build up your pet's natural, healthy hair. We use high velocity blow drying to blast out loose or dead hair. While nothing will completely eliminate shedding, getting them on a 6 - 8 week schedule will help.

Nail Painting

Choose from our various color selection of pet nail polish that will liven your pets paws.

Tooth Brushing

Just like us, our dogs need their teeth brushed to help prevent dental health problems and bad breath.

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